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January 29, 2012. Sunday.

For January 27, 28, 29; I had 3 consecutive arguments with the same person. One quarrel per day. Awww. What an awful three days that is. Perfect to end the week huh? Well, forget about that. What made this day special is because of LOVE. I forgot about reviewing Law lessons because of that!!! Haha. All night long I had conversations with friends about that precious one word. Heart to heart talk kumbaga. Some of them are inlove; some are struggling and have problems with their loved ones; and some.... are about to fall in love.  :) Whatever it is, happy or sad, I enjoyed the night. I learned and realized so many things tonight and poured my heart out. I also became the great adviser. I never imagined that. Haha. So much for love. Good night loves. Have a lovely night. ♥
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